Our approach

Our approach helps you unleash your potential

You have achieved so much, both academically and in the workplace. You have overcome many challenges to acquire diverse skills and have pushed your limits and overcome complex problems. You have performed to your potential by turning many odds in your favor. It’s now time to gear up for bigger goals in life. To reach your career zenith, you need an MBA. We can help you climb this summit and meet this aspiration. We can help you Unleash your potential.

We adopt the ABCD model to know more about your personal and professional backgrounds and also about your passions. We hope to understand your career aspirations and your reasons for pursuing an MBA in a more holistic manner through this approach. Once we have your side of your story, we will develop a Pitch, which you will use and make most of, in the rest of the admissions’ process.

Assess your profile

Evaluate cultural and individual traits

State the differentiating points in the profile

Clarity of professional and personal goals

Assessment of existing skill-sets

Skills needed to accelerate career path

Build on to the existing strengths

Highlight achievements using metrics

Address weak points

Demonstrate fitness for the business school

Plan to optimize resources at the business school

Possible contributions to the business school

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