Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Package is the answer to all your application needs.

A business school application has many elements which require a significant amount of thought, preparation and guidance at every step of the way. Our comprehensive services are the all-in-one solution for your needs.

Why should you go for it?

If you are looking for the guidance of a professional at each step, then look no further. Our comprehensive package offers expert and professional guidance at all the key pit stops and enables you to steadily fuel your business school goals.

What is included?

We work with you at each step of the process. We discuss and understand the key points in your profile and attempt to emphasize them. We develop the content by prioritizing important events when constructing your story.

We also work on a stellar resume to pitch to the school. We help with essay editing and recommendation strategy to support your application. We ensure the application is not only complete and but also competitive enough to be submitted.

Our Advantages

A stage wise process explained:

Analyze your profile

This service includes a deep understanding of your profile with an in-depth Initial Assessment. We look at your past, professional, personal, cultural and extra-curricular experiences. We examine all the highs and lows and how these shaped your personal and professional life. These key attributes become the foundation for your pitch in the rest of the admissions’ process.

School Selection

Based on your profile, experiences and goals, we guide you through the school selection process so as to enable you to choose the right schools. We provide a rationale behind the schools selected and a mix of options for you to choose from.

Develop a plan

We will develop a detailed plan for the admissions season, which would include the schools you are applying to, how to apply to them and how to make your application stand out.

Develop a stellar resume

A resume is a one page document which is an eye-opener to your profile. We realize that, and that’s why we work on it before we move to the rest of the requirements. With your career goals in mind, we develop your resume in a manner that it reflects the same career pattern. We present your professional, academic and extra-curricular achievements as an outline of the best of you.

Develop your Pitch

We carefully look at the key points, weave your strengths into a story line and develop a pitch which will help you stand out from the crowd. We ensure that your strategy, pitch and presentation are in-line, thereby allowing you to put your best foot forward.

Select the content

Content is king! So, we need to choose the best stories which reflect your achievements and connect to your aspirations. We brainstorm with you to ensure we cover all key areas of your professional and personal life. Once we have the ideas, we separate the wheat from the chaff to present essential information in a competitive application. We provide you with a application organizer which you will fill up and this will help us in planning and organizing your content. We will consult you on the preparation of the rough draft of the essays.

Present your essays

Essays are the key to present your pitch. We will help you short-list the right content, context, rationale and examples to articulate your pitch. With our editing services, we market your story to improve your chances of getting through your dream school.

Develop a strategy for recommendations

We develop a strategy to choose recommenders who can reflect on your achievements and complement your application. We tell you how to discuss, work and follow up with your recommenders. We edit the documents developed by them, to be consistent and to make a good impression.

Finalize the application

The application should reflect the aspirations you have. We check and crosscheck whether the strategy and the execution is as planned. We ensure you hit the submit button with confidence.

Warm up for Interview

Based on the application, we pre-empt the questions which can be asked in the next step. We provide you with a list of questions so that you are ready when you are called for an interview.

Comprehensive Package

One School Package
$950 each
Two School Package
$1,800 each
Three School Package
$2,450 each
Four School Package
$3,000 each
Five School Package
$3,500 each


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