MBA Essay Editing Services

Essays are an important component of the application process.

While academic grades, test scores, job titles and leadership positions are useful tools for evaluation, admissions’ committee find subjective essays to be of equal or greater importance. If you intend to solely rely on your grades and scores to get accepted, you are undermining the value of marketing your story in a comprehensive manner. Schools use essays to see how much they reveal about your ability to write and structure content. Essays allow you to communicate your understanding of the program and talk about the areas in which you can contribute to the school community, in an interesting and professional manner.

Making the best of your essays:

After listening to and working with hundreds of applicants over the years, we believe that successful essay editing requires a few basic elements:

  • Understanding the candidate’s achievements and profile
  • Emphasizing on relevant points in a concise and effective manner

With our editing services, we help you narrate your story in a natural and honest way. We examine your essays and highlight, in them, evidences of your intellectual ability, managerial and leadership potential, personal characteristics and your career plan.

We market your story to the MBA admissions’ committees and this,in turn, drastically improves your chances of getting through your dream school.

Our essay editing service will help you identify relevant themes for your main and supporting essays. All you have to do is work on an outline for your essays and we will help you to develop them into an effective set of essays in over three edits.

Essay Editing

A set of three edits for each school
$500 each


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